Friday, June 29, 2012

Failed Pin Test

I tried this pin wherein you put your matches inside a mason jar and put sandpaper on top of the lid of the jar.  Me and my bf tried different kinds of sandpaper but each one never ignited the match stick.  To be honest, my bf told me it wouldn't work but I insisted since I saw all the comments in the blog and most of them were saying how it worked out well for them.  I went as far as leaving a question in the comment field earlier but couldn't wait that long for the reply.  So I decided to research online.  I've just realized that most of them mentioned strike anywhere matches.  We don't have that kind of match here wherein you can use any rough surface to ignite the match stick.  We still use the old variety that uses phosphorus.  You see, I'm not from the US.  My research sort of scared me about the dangers of phosphorus but I have no idea of an alternative.  Maybe researching more would yield more results.

This also brought new questions in my head.  This one didn't work.  How about the other pins that says use this kind of soap to make your very own liquid hand soap.  I see this pin that said to use the brand Meyer and I'm not really sure if Meyer is available here.  Even if it is available, wouldn't it be a little more expensive since it is imported? Would safeguard be an alternative? Would it require a different measurement for the ingredients?

Anyway, it will sure be fun finding it out.  As soon as I get well though :)  While I'm waiting for that take a look at this.

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