Sunday, June 24, 2012

What To Do With Your Leftover Plastic Strings

When I go buy big items from the public market, they usually wrap plastic strings around the item to make it easier to carry.  When I get home, I am left with this:

I hate being wasteful and could not throw it away but I couldn't keep it just the way it is.  The idea hit me while I was drinking from a plastic bottle.  Use the plastic bottle!

Patience would be needed in this step as you have to put the end of the string first and then work your way to the other end.  Don't attempt to roll it up in a bunch and insert it in the bottle that way or you would have difficulty taking it out from the bottle when you decide to use it.  Trust me, the strings will get all tangled up.

When you get all the strings inside the bottle, make sure that you have one end sticking out.  It will be easier to pull the string out when you use it in the future.  Put the cap back on and there you have it.  Messy plastic strings in its own plastic container.

By the way, I only recommend doing this for the leftover strings.  Longer strings are harder to put inside a plastic bottle.  Hope this helps!

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