Sunday, September 2, 2012

BFF Visit Part 2 (the furry kind)

Meet Tam-Tam.  He is Gail's furry baby and her favorite.  She's got 2 furry babies.  He wasn't really fond of me taking a snapshot of him.  He bolts every time I aim the digicam towards him.  I really had to be quick taking this pic so the angle wasn't what I wanted.

Now this is Cookie.  They named him that because he simply couldn't get enough of cookies when he was a wee little pup.  He is Leo's (Gail's hubby) favorite and mine too.  I don't know why Cookie is my fave but I'm really sure I'm his fave too.  He snuggles next to me every time I visit.  See how adorable he is with one ear in the air and the other one flapped down to the side of his head?  It didn't used to be like that.  He had an ear infection.  It was so bad it swelled to the size of a tennis ball overnight.  Gail didn't know cookie scratched his ear too much that it became raw.  The vet said surgery was needed and after that, Cookie lost control of the muscles in his ear so it only stays down even when he's excited.  That was a year ago.  I remember because Gail was so upset and she was crying when she told me.  Cookie was so sick.  Aside from the ear infection, he was diagnosed with a urinary tract infection.

Both dogs are all grown up now and old.  Actually, if we convert their ages to humans, they'd be seniors now.  They are brothers, both 12 years old.  You can also tell that they're old.  a couple of years ago, they'd be running around the house all the time.  They would also play with me and any kind of sock.  Socks are their favorite play thing.  And they love jumping.  Tam-Tam can jump the highest especially when he wants to pee outside.  But now, most of their time was spent lying on the floor or on the bed.  They seem to be tired all the time.  They get up when they hear people outside or when it's feeding time.  

This is also one reason why Gail and I are friends.  We're both pet lovers.  We don't get bored talking about our pets. We both treat them like families... because they are :)

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