Friday, August 24, 2012

BFF Visit

I've been staying at Gail's place since Tuesday.  I finally came out to visit her.  Bummer that she has work but she managed to get Tuesday and Thursday off.  It's funny, we never ran out of stuff to talk about.  We always end up sleeping at 3 am because we'd be talking and talking.

Sometimes I wonder if I'll ever find someone like her again.  We really get along so well.  My sisters have many friends.  I only have a handful and only one best friend, Gail.  I just wish that she would live closer to me.  She's always moving thanks to her and her hubby's job.  

Anyway, I'm getting the most out of this trip.  I took a picture of her new home and everything inside it but the picture above is my fave.  She already uploaded the photos in her FB but I plan to take more pictures later.  Hoping to upload more photos here.

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