Sunday, August 12, 2012

Monsoon Hitting Hard

This was taken by my sisters last Tuesday.  It has been raining so hard the past few days and resulted to flood all over the country including where I live.  What's really surprising about this is that there is no storm, just a monsoon.  It's the first time I've ever experienced flooding in a monsoon.  It was even more damaging than Storm Jener.  Major cities and provinces are now in state of calamity.  Fortunately, in our part, electricity  and water was not shut down.  

By my bf's request, I am not to have any part of me in the flood to avoid accident or catch any sickness especially leptopirosis.  Though I understand his worries, I feel like I'm Rapunzel trapped in my tower.  

The flood in our neighborhood have subsided a little but the water is turning darker and stinkier.  It's surprising to see small fishes still swimming around.  I would have taken some pictures but the flood water grosses me out.

I'm still crossing my fingers that the flood would be gone by Monday and it might happen.  Bf tells me our mayor is having the flood water siphoned.   That's something to look forward to

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