Monday, August 6, 2012

Reusing KFC Plastic Cup (for the mashed potatoes)

Boyfriend driving me insane over the weekend.  He is good with fixing stuff but not so good with organizing.  After he fixes stuff, I am left with the mess.  Actually, he cleans after but he doesn't have a proper place for his things.  When he needs like say this size of screw, he couldn't find it and asks me to help look.  That in turn drives me crazy.  We have a small apartment so space is very limited.  I have to be creative with the containers.  The small things like screws, hooks, tacks and even rubber bands is what he's always looking for.  I dug into my storage and found these little cups.

Yeah, I love take outs, especially when I was working.  Mashed potatoes and coleslaw is my favorite but enough about that because I'm having this evil thought of eating at KFC!

The good thing is they are transparent and can be stacked on top of each other, it'd be easier to see the content.  Can't wait to show him this when he gets home later.

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