Thursday, August 2, 2012

I Never Tried Planting Before

I've always admired my nana for having a green thumb but in fairness, she used to be a farmer.  She had this backyard filled with plants and trees.  I look outside my apartment and see nothing but a concrete wall and a concrete floor and I really would like to change that.  I'd like to add some green to it and maybe someday add some color to it.  So today, I bought some seeds.

I bought Rosemary, Leaf type lettuce, and Basil.  I really have no idea which plant to buy and these are the only ones I recognize in the store.  Plus, I can plant them first in little pots.  I probably won't use pots and find some sort of container from my storage.  Also, I think my boyfriend would love these.  You know what, he is really the cook in our house.  I'm really not good at cooking but I hope to change that someday.  

I'm still waiting for the weather to clear up.  Apparently, even though Storm Hener has not left the country, a new storm is coming.  Crossing my fingers that it wouldn't be as damaging as Hener.

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