Sunday, August 12, 2012

PM and KN and the Monsoon

Today was supposed to be KN's son's christening.  Thanks to the weather, it was postponed.  I have not received news from him.  His location was one hardest hit by floods but I'm sure he is alright.  His sister informed me.

I'm so restless in my little castle.  I can't go out and do stuff.  Thank God for electricity or I'd go insane. I'm so upset that I even told my bf about it.  He reminded me that I am lucky enough to have a house to stay and food to eat when so many other families have moved to evacuation centers.  I felt a little guilty as I know how horrible conditions are in evacuation centers.  No privacy, no space, no clean bathrooms and sometimes no power or food.  

I know I was being selfish but I had my heart set on going to my friends' sons' christenings.  I don't go out much but the few times I do, I try to make the most out of it.  After-all, I've been missing my friends a lot since I resigned in March.

The flood water has gone down a little.  I talked to an operator working on the pumps told me that it might take longer than expected to pump out all the flood water.  He said the rivers are already in spill capacity and they unsure where to dump the flood waters collected.  It was nice of the operator to tell me the truth rather than lying to make me feel better.

My bf occasionally goes out to check and fix stuff outside the house.  Most of my day is spent alone, well not totally alone.  I do have my cat with me but he's not as cheerful as last week.  I've noticed that he's been irritable the last couple of days.  He doesn't let me hold him for long, he won't come to me when I call him and at one point, he almost scratched my hand when I tried to pet him.  I think he's frustrated as much as I am.  

I'm still praying that everything will go back to normal even though the weather bureau stated a new typhoon is approaching.  

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