Friday, July 20, 2012

I am Determined to go Jogging

We were watching a kickboxing match on TV last night.  Two females were fighting.  Instantly, we both got interested, me because she's got the body I want, him because she was really pretty.  It's funny really, I don't get jealous learning when he finds another lady pretty but him feeling uneasy when I call other guys cute.  I guess I'm in a state where in things like that doesn't bother me anymore.

Going back, I guess I have no idea how long the bout took but my eyes were stuck admiring her body.  She wasn't voluptuous, seducing, etc but she was a bit curvy and with firm muscle tones.  I like it that her body looked good and healthy at the same time.  Sure as is, we never really looked at the scores but the referee said it was a draw.

I was absorbed with her. I turned to my boyfriend and told him I want the same body. I want to look healthy.  He frowned a little.  It's not the kind of support you were expecting from your bf of 7 years but he has a right to react that way.  I mean, I'm like any other person who tried a couple of diet and exercise and failed miserably.  And heaven knows how many times he supported me and I just let him down.  Ignoring his reaction, I told him I'd like to be as fit as her.  Sensing that I wasn't really going to let go of it, he turned serious.  FYI, my bf is a muay thai instructor.  He's been teaching it for 3 years now and prior to that has been teaching martial arts (will not say what kind but he is a first dan blackbelter) for more than 5 years.  He told me he would only help me if I start jogging at 5 am everyday.  I think he is trying to see how committed I am to this goal but I guess he has a point.  I've been lazy for quite some time that I need to build up my stamina.  I said OK and proceeded to mentally get me ready for what's supposed to be my first day of jogging but alas, I woke up this morning to the skies drizzling.  He was up before me and he sort of laugh a little.  He said: "I forgot to tell you, weather report says A STORM'S A BREWING".


Ok, so I did check the news and we are going to have a bad weather for a couple of days.  I explained to myself, minor set back, go jogging when the heavens clear up.  I WILL! I WILL!


On other news, I'm trying to limit my food intake.  I'm an over eater to be honest.  I can finish 5 cups of rice in 1 sitting and sometimes even more and because of this I am overweight.  I am now scared of getting diabetes since I know a lot of friends who have it.  I'm 5 feet 4 inches and for 70 kilograms I am overweight.

Yesterday, I tried to lessen my rice intake.  And to be honest, cutting down on rice is an effort. No I take that back, IT'S REALLY TORTURE, for me that is.  I had about a cup of rice total for the whole of yesterday.  I was like an effing addict having withdrawals.  I was hungry all the time.  Food was all I could think about.  I compensated by eating small amounts of food but many times a day.  I had chicken with sotanghon.  I ate a small chunk of chicken about the size of my thumb and slurped 3 spoon full of its soup.  It would alleviate the hunger for about half an hour and when I felt hungry again I'd eat the same amount of chicken and soup then wash it down with lots of water.  Being able to do that was awesome and I was a little proud of myself.  I thought this will be easier than I expected then at almost midnight, I was proven wrong.  I woke really really hungry.  Can you believe that?  To wake up because  your tummy is literally growling in hunger?  I tried to sleep again but I couldn't so I decided to drink water but alas my tummy will not let me so I gave in and ate a cup of rice with the soup from the chicken sotanghon.  That's the only rice I had for yesterday.  Feeling guilty, I tried burning the calories with cleaning the windows, wiping everything in the house and sweeping the floor.  When I felt I had a decent amount of sweat expelled, I took a quick shower then went back to bed.  My boyfriend woke me up to ask if I was sleep cleaning again.  I said YES. HEH!

Anyways, Yesterday was an interesting day.  I just would like to say I am determined to lose weight!

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