Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A Tribute to the King of Comedy

Dolphy Quizon passed away last night at 8:34.  He was 83.  I have watched his movies since I was a little kid.  I still remember it.  When we were still living in Antipolo and in those time Antipolo was still part of Rizal.  I remember it all too well, Channel 9 in the afternoon where they feature the old black and white films produced by Sampaguita and LVN.  This was also a bonding time with my grandma.  She would be watching next to me and she would share small details of how it used to be.  It was a time where comedy was not laced with green jokes and his comedy was backed up with pure talent.  He was a big part of the movie industry.  My  personal favorite is Facifica Falaypay.

He was also a big part of TV comedy.  Who could forget John and Marsha?  It is because of that show that my parents decided to nickname me Maricel.  My family shared laughs watching that show.  It's very memorable to me.  It is where I first saw Brod Pete, Dely Atay-Atayan and Matutina.

People everywhere are talking about how he should be proclaimed as a national artist.  I agree, I very much do but it would have been more memorable, more meaningful to Dolphy if it was done while he was alive.

Why should I care?  I don't know.  I can't explain.  He was such a big part of my childhood memories.  Loosing him feels like I'm loosing a family member, a friend, someone special.  Now that he has moved on, I would like to say we will never forget you.  Thank you for all those years of laughter and memories.  You truly are the King of Comedy.

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