Saturday, July 14, 2012

Spruce Up an Old Table

We used to rent tables and chairs in the 90s.  It was my mom's business.  The business did  great for a decade and when it went down, we hid all the chairs and tables in a room.  They look old and dirty now.  I decided to just play with it.

See that round monoblock table, it's 2 decades old now. Trust me, I've cleaned it and it still looks like that.

These are what we're going to use:
     used wrapping paper (or any paper you want)
     scissors or cutter or exacto knife
     homemade mod podge (mix 50% water and 50% glue)
     foam brush

At the back of the paper, I traced the triangle shape on the table with a pencil. You can use an exacto knife to get a triangle shape quicker but I'm not really good using it. So if you're like me, trace using a pencil. Cut out 6 triangles from your paper.

I made sure the table's clean before I applied my homemade mod podge.  I find that using 100% glue dries quicker than the water+glue solution.  I couldn't find any store selling a foam brush so I used a replacement.  See the white foam in the picture?  That's the foam placed inside shoes to protect them from wrinkling.  After applying water+glue solution, place the paper and allow it to dry.

Done with 3 triangles, looking good now. I didn't want to buy new paper so I used the ones I have. This is the wrapping used from one of the gifts I got last christmas. Yeah, I'm that kind of person! 3 more triangles to go.

And then we're done.

I decided not to stick paper on all the surface. I like how it looks and so did my niece and nephew.

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