Monday, July 30, 2012

Storm Me Away

I intended to attend PM's son's christening but the weather wasn't cooperating and a storm decided to stop by.  It's been raining since Saturday and Sunday last night we had a black out.  We had power back today at noon.  I really wanted to go but even if we went ahead and ignore the heavy rains it wouldn't be possible.  My bf had a temp Sunday morning.  Saturday night was raining hard and flooded the area where he works.  The flood was up to his chest.  I don't know why he walked home that night.  All he said was that he wanted to come home.  The next morning, he had a 39C temp.  He's getting better now.  He can breathe through his nose again.  Anyway, I'm waiting for the weather to be ok again so I can give PM's son's gift.  I also can't wait to start jogging.

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